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Year 3

2019 – 2020

Spring Term

Science – Investigating Light

Year 3 took part in some practical experiments looking at elements of Light. They investigated properties of materials as reflective surfaces and recorded light readings of materials of their abilities to prevent light.

Year 3 to Woburn Safari Park

In Year 3 this term their topic is about conservation and animals that can be found in Australia so they arranged an exciting trip to Woburn Safari Park. They looked around the park and then had a wonderful workshop about the animals and habitats in Australia.

Autumn Term

Developing Skills in Learning to E-Mail

Year 3 children have been learning all about digital and non-digital ways to communicate in their computing lessons. Using “Email Detectives” software on the computers the children have been safely learning all about email and how it works.

Investigating Stone Age Poo

As part of Science and their History topic on the Stone Age, the children investigated the diet of Stone Age Man. They dissected the stone age poo to try and identify the foods eaten.

Science – Starburst Rocks

As part of the Science topic, the children were investigating the different types of rocks can be found. They used Starburst sweets to replicate the different types of rocks. A yummy way to learn.