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We believe that Computing and the use of ICT is central to the education of all children. We aim to give each pupil the opportunity to apply and develop their technological understanding and skills across a wide range of situations and tasks.

Pupils are encouraged to develop a confident and safe approach to Computing and the use of ICT, with the incorporation of e-safety and the issues associated, including cyberbullying and social media use.

With the understanding that Computing and ICT will undoubtedly continue to form an ever increasing part in the children’s life at home, school and work places, we strive to ensure the Computing and ICT experiences and skills that the children are equipped with, are effective and transferrable life skills.

  • Pupils in the EY access opportunities to develop skills through the ‘Specific Area of Understanding the World.’ The Early Learning Goal they are assessed against on leaving Reception ELG 15 (Technology). Children are given opportunities to use a range of technology at home and at school and to begin to select and use technology (e.g. iPads) for particular purposes.
  • In Key Stages One and Two pupils access computing through weekly IT lessons and through applying their skills across the curriculum through the subject and topic themes.
  • The IT lessons are based on the Hertfordshire IT scheme which provides resources, planning and assessment materials through termly themes.