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2019 – 2020

Spring Term

Fashion Week

Reception children took part in the whole school theme based on London Fashion Week. They designed their own clothes and held a fashion catwalk to show off their designs.

Autumn Term

The Reception Nativity

During the fun festive season, Reception children always put on an amazing nativity performance. The staff, children and parents were thoroughly entertained and enjoyed the amazing show.


Children made some fantastic steps in their chef skills in D.T. this term. They worked together developing the mixing , rolling and cutting skills to make amazing edible delights.

Enjoying the Sand

EY children have had tremendous fun playing in the sand, thanks to the local community for donating the sand.

Learning Directions with BeeBot

Reception investigated simple directions in their Understanding of the World work using BeeBot. They programmed this little robot using forward, back, left and right,

Reception experiments with Technology

Children in reception have been developing their skills using a range of hardware and software including iPads and PCs.

Mr Meyjes reads a Story

Our wonderful Mr Meyjes visits Reception every week and introduces them to the fantastic world of books and reading. He reads them a great story and talks to them about the text.

A Visit from a Librarian

The librarian from Bushey Library visited Reception to read stories and tell them all about the Library.