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School Improvement Plan

The School Improvement Plan sets out our strategic priorities for improving the school 2021 – 2023


Key Priority Areas for Improvement
1.   Leadership and                         Management



·  To strengthen effectiveness of Senior (SLT) and Middle (ELT) leadership and management so that they can carry out their roles effectively and impact on teaching, learning, achievement, and attainment across the school

·  To continue to develop distributed leadership across the school and make effective use of all staff expertise and talents

·  Establish a new partnership of peer review and collaboration. Further develop our existing and emerging leaders through our strategic partnerships within Hertfordshire

·  Embed Governance establishing a highly effective body where all vacancies are filled and with specific responsibilities carried out to provide strategic challenge and support

2.   Teaching, Learning and         Assessment ·  Agreed curriculum planning and implementation aligned with Ofsted Framework ensuring our curriculum is innovative, creative, cross curricular, motivational, and relevant for our pupils

·  Implementation of shared planning and Scholar Pack assessment approach to ensure there is accurate consistently strong pupil progress and standards across different subjects and groups

·  To review and reflect SEND/ Inclusion approaches within the school

·  To raise profile of meeting the needs of EAL pupils through effective planning and consistent teaching strategies

·  Development of an action plan to improve leadership, pupil provision, effective deployment of support staff in order to impact positively upon well- being and outcomes of pupils with SEND and/ or who are disadvantaged

·  Implementation of a cycle of monitoring to include all stakeholders so that there is confidence that provision is effective across the school

·  build on current formative and summative assessment practices to ensure consistency in high quality first teaching and intervention on a needs analysis basis across the school

3.   Behaviour and                           Attitudes, Personal                 Development and                   Welfare ·   To promote mental health and well-being among the whole school community, addressing the unprecedented times regarding coronavirus, (a recovery curriculum having an impact upon increasing pupil progress)

·   To strengthen the robust monitoring systems and processes for Managing Attendance, Absence and Punctuality

·   To embed Behaviour Policy focusing upon Restorative Justice as integral to the behaviour, personal development and welfare process of resolving conflict

·   To weave the school values throughout the operating curriculum design

4.   EYFS · To implement the new framework reforms for EYFS 2020. Maintain the proportion of children achieving Good Level above the national average (above 78%)

· Implement new Scholar Pack tool in assessing pupil progress

· Continue to improve on contributions of children and parents into the learning journeys as evidence of progress in prime and specific areas of learning

· To provide a highly stimulating environment with an organisation of the curriculum that provides rich, varied and imaginative experiences. As a result, this develops independent and outside learning opportunities through effective facilitation

5.   Safeguarding · All safeguarding policies and procedures are in place and ensuring that everyone at Highwood Primary is safe

· To ensure that all new and additional, post COVID-19, requirements are in place to ensure that children, families and staff are safeguarded against harm during and after the pandemic

· Safeguarding is embedded into the culture of the school including the curriculum and the thoughts and actions of children


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