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Year 4

2019 – 2020

Spring Term

Cleaner Air Project

Children in Year 4 have been taking part in a cleaner air project. They have been learning about air pollution and how we can improve the quality of air. They have also investigated the quality of the air in our local community.

Year 4 Athletics Competition

A lucky group of Year 4 children travelled to Queens School to take part in an indoor athletics competition. The took part in many different activities and a wonderful experience.

Using Data Loggers in Science

In their science work this term. Year 4 have been looking at changes of materials and the states of matter. Year 4 used digital data log boxes to monitor and record temperatures of the changing states of materials.

Autumn Term

Robot Workshop

They took part in a fantastic workshop from “Engineering For Kids.” ( The children learnt how to construct a robot, program the robot and then used the robot to take part in a competition against other robots. Tremendous Learning!

Bristle Bots

Year 4 have an amazing topic on Robots. As part of their learning the children constructed their own mini robots called Bristle Bots. They combined different materials with scientific circuit components to make a moving robot.

“Walk like an Egyptian” – Year 4 Egyptian Day

Year 4 children held a marvellous Egyptian themed day. They were visited by “Portals to the Past” who provided many fantastic hands on activities and experiences that brought history to life.