Return to Learning

Year 1

2019 – 2020

Autumn Term

A Visit from ZooLab

ZooLab delivered an amazing workshop called ‘Paws, claws and whiskers’. This workshop looked at the huge variety of weird and wonderful animals we share our planet with and found out where they come from, from fully developed human beings to the tiniest insect. How we group animals and why? The children also got to question, investigate and learn about scientific discovery, guided by their own expert ZooLab ranger. They even learnt how to collect data about animals and that it can improve our maths and ICT skills.

Rugby Tots

The children in Year 1 had an amazing experience with Rugby Tots. They had a fun filled session keeping fit, warming up, playing games and learning basic rugby skills.

Watford School’s Trust – Harvest

Year 1 had another visit by the Watford School’s Trust, focussing on the autumn theme of Harvest.

Watford School’s Trust – The Creation

As part of their learning in R.E., Year 1 where visited by The Watford School’s Trust to have a wonderful lesson about the Creation story. They shared a lovely story, had a super discussion and followed it up with some amazingly creative work.