Return to Learning

Year 2

2019 – 2020

Autumn Term

The Magical Mayhem of Mr Marvel

Across Year 2 the children’s learning has had the theme of Magic. To develop their understanding of magic the children had a fantastic time watching a magic show performed by a Year 2 parent, the wonderful Mr Marvel.

A Trip to Lincolnsfield

Year 2 children have been looking at ways children and their home life were affected during the Second World War. They have looked at rationing, the blitz, air raids and evacuation. To enhance their learning and really bring it to life they visited the amazing Lincolnsfield Centre.

Great Fire of London Day

As part of the topic on London, the children in Year 2 had been leaning all about the famous event of the Great Fire Of London. They put their learning into practise by re-enacting the fire – how they could put it out?