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The Governing Body is made up as follows:

  • 3 Parent Governors
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 1 Local Authority (LA) Governor
  • 1 Headteacher
  • 6 co-opted Governors


Chair of Governors/Stakeholder Engagement & Newsletters/Health & Safety Mrs Jo Johnson
Vice Chair To be appointed
Chair of Resources Committee/Data Protection Officer / Website Mr Darren Freeman
Chair of School Development Committee Mr Liam Willimott (Staff Governor)
Headteacher/ Governor Day Arrangements/ Equality Review Mrs Bindu Rai
SEND/Inclusion/CLA/Early Years Mrs Angela Goonetilleke
KS1 Ms Lucy Edwards
Upper KS2 Mr William Brooks
CP/Safeguarding/eSafety and Governor Training Mrs Lisa Pratchett
Lower KS2/ Pupil Premium Mr Eddie Tunnah
To be appointed Parent governor vacancy
To be appointed Co-opted governor vacancy
To be appointed Co-opted governor vacancy


Name Date of Appointment Term of Office Date of Stepping Down Category Appointing Body Business and Pecuniary Interests Other
William Brooks 11/12/2019 4 Years 10/12/2023 Co-opted Parent Community Child at Highwood School
Jo Johnson 24/05/2020 4 Years 24/05/2024 Co-opted Governing Body None
Liam Willimott 20/05/2017 4 Years 17/05/2021 Staff Governor School Staff Teacher at Highwood
Danielle Harte 21/09/2017 4 Years 11/04/2021 Interim Co-Headteacher Governing Body Appointed as a member of staff 01/09/18
Lisa Pratchett 22/11/2017 4 years 18/09/2022 Local Authority Governing Body None
Darren Freeman 19/10/2017 4 Years 13/12/2021 Co-opted Governing Body None
Angela Goonetilleke 23/11/2018 4 Years 22/11/2022 Parent Governing Body Children at Highwood School
Lucy Edwards 16/11/2018 4 Years 15/11/2022 Parent Governing Body Children at Highwood School
Eddie Tunnah 21/05/2019 4 Years 21/05/2023 Co-opted Governing Body None
Michelle Green 30/09/2020 4 Years 11/04/2021 Acting Deputy Headteacher Governing Body Appointed as a staff member on 30/09/2020
Katie Shapiro 17/07/2019 4 Years 30/09/2020 Co-opted Governing Body None
Bindu Rai 12/04/2021 4 Years 11/04/2025 Headteacher Governing Body None