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Year 6

2017 -2018

Summer Term

SATs Stress Release

Year 6 children worked extremely hard preparing for and carrying out their Year 6 SATs tests. As a reward the children visited the local playing fields for fun and games.

Spring Term

Take One Picture – Dragon Lairs

The Year 5 children visited Year 6 this morning to gather information about the Year 6 dragons, as they are building the lair for them.  They were able to look at the dragons made out of modroc, ask the Year 6 builders about their dragon and read the Year 6 plans for the dragons. The Year 6 children explained how their dragons lived and what habits the Year 5 children needed to design.

Take One Picture – Modroc Dragons

Year 6 have been working in groups of 3 to design their own dragon which they have then crafted out of chicken wire and modroc. There have been many challenges to overcome whilst using these materials including: avoiding poking themselves with the chicken wire; manipulating the wire and modelling materials into the form of the dragon and applying the modroc to the structure to create the final version of the dragon without the structure disintegrating.  In addition we have also learnt about health and safety issues relating to the use of tools and plaster.  Our next stage will be to paint our creations.

Take One Picture – Investigation of Bowls of Vomit

Year 6 have been investigating who is responsible for the 4 bowls of vomit that have appeared in the Year 6 classrooms.  Is it the dragon, knight, horse or the princess? Using their scientific investigation skills they were asked to observe and identify the contents of the bowls and make suggestions as to who they may belong to based on the evidence.

Autumn Term

Year 6 at PGL Little Canada

Year 6 had a fantastic bonding experience on their residential trip to PGL Little Canada on the Isle of Wight. They had opportunities to participate in amazing experiences that included archery, abseiling and the Matrix.

Space the Final Frontier

The Year 6 children who did not go to PGL had a wonderful week learning about Space and took part in some fantastic, creative activities. They wrote their own space music, made paper mache planets, baked space themed cookies and made stop-motion animation movies. What a fun week.