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Year 6

2018 -2019

Summer Term

It’s Your Move

To help prepare for secondary transfer and the emotion move away from Highwood, Year 6 took part in a very helpful workshop dealing with moving on. Full of fun activities and wonderful advice, Year 6 can now tackle whatever comes their way.

Puppet Project

The Year 6 end of year amazing Puppet project performances are nearly upon us. The children have made amazing puppets, created stunning scenery, been practicing their puppet skills ready to perform to the school and the parents.


Its that anticipated time of year across all schools in the country – Year 6 SATs. Highwood children in Year 6 always started their day with a healthy, filling breakfast with their friends. As a treat after a hard working week the children visited a local park to blow off steam. Well done Year 6.

Spring Term

Micro Organisms

In Science Year 6 have been investigating micro organisms. They have created experiments to investigate the growth of these organisms.

Distractions – Road Safety

Year 6 had a workshop from Hertfordshire Council aimed at road safety and the dangers of mobile phones when near roads. The children watched hard hitting films, took part in practical activities that brought home the dangers of being distracted by mobile phones near roads.


Children from Year 6 took part in an athletics tournament/event at a local secondary school. The children took part in many different events throughout the course of the day.


Autumn Term

Year 6 Puppet Project

All children in Year 6 have the fantastic opportunity to take part in a year long puppet project. The children design their puppets for a given story, construct every aspect of the puppet and its clothing before rehearsing the play and building all scenery. An amazing opportunity.

PGL Week – Little Canada Isle of Wight

Year 6 children had a tremendous week at PGL on the Isle of Wight. They took part in some amazing activities that tested their bravery, endurance and team building skills.

PGL Week – Travel Project

Year 6 children who did not attend the PGL trip took part in a week long project based upon the books of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. They created some amazing work based on classics such as Around the World in 80 Days and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.