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Year 6

Summer Term 2017

A Visit from the Highwood Chicks

Sycamore 6 were lucky to receive a visit from the newly hatched Highwood Chicks. The children have followed them from arriving at school as fertilised eggs, through their incubation and now hatched as cute chicks. They really enjoyed handling them and learning about their needs.

Year 6 Class Elections

At the beginning of June, to coincide with the UK General Election, Year 6 learnt about democracy and took part in their own class elections.

The classes were divided into 4 parties called:  Progress, Transform, Vision and Tomorrow.  Through discussion, with their party members, the children created their party manifesto which they incorporated into a speech to present to the rest of their class. Children were allocated roles as part of the election process and within the Polling Office. Then voting began.

The winners of the election were:

Progress Party in Sycamore 6

Whilst the Transform and Progress Parties formed a coalition in Chestnut 6

Tovil Healing Dance Masks

Year 6 have been learning all about Sri Lanka for Geography this term.  One area covered, as part of this topic, was the tradition of wearing masks and dancing to warn off evil spirits, which make people sick.

As you can see from the pictures we have some very talented artists and designers in Sycamore6.

Blowing Off Steam

As a reward for working so hard during their SATs test Year 6 visited the local playing fields and play park to blow off some steam. They enjoyed themselves on the play equipment and created some great games of football and cricket.

Spring Term 2017

French – Positive and Negative Statements

Working with Madame Watson the children investigated the difference between positive and negative statements in French. They used French dictionaries to identify positive and negative.

World Book Day

As part of the school’s celebrations of World Book Day the children took part in some shared reading with children from another class. A wonderful reading experience.

Reading with Year 2

Science – Investigating Blood Flow

Year 6 continued their investigation into the Human Body by focussing on the flow of blood around the body. They created apparatus to show the flow.

Science – Investigating the Structure of the Heart

Year 6 had a wonderful opportunity to bring hands on learning to investigating the heart. They actually held and looked a real heart, messy but a wonderful learning experience.

Autumn Term 2016

Chestnut 6 visit the Technology Bus

Chestnut 6 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the Technology Bus. This large yellow American school bus was filled with examples of the latest technology available for schools. The children were totally engaged with a fully hands on experience looking at 3D printers and projectors, floor robots, coding and VR headsets. A fantastic experience.

Fractions in Sycamore 6

Mr Morey bought 4 bars of chocolate, which were made up of 40 squares.  The bars of chocolate were distributed across 5 tables as follows:

Table 1 – 1 bar

Table 2 –  1/2 bar

Table 3 – 1 1/2 bars

Table 4 – 1/4 bar

Table 5 – 3/4 bar

Each child in Sycamore 6 one at a time was able to choose to join a table to share the bar on that table with any other children at the table.  By the end of the activity we had the following results:

Table 1 – children got 6 squares

Table 2 –  children got 5 5/7 squares

Table 3 – children got 5 squares

Table 4 – children got 5 squares

Table 5 – children got 5 squares

There were a total of 29 children in class today.

A Visit to the British Museum

The children had an amazing trip to the British Museum as part of their history work on the Ancient Greeks. The day took the theme of Athena and Athens. The children took part in two fantastic workshops – designing and building a Temple and Exploring the Parthenon. Both these exciting activities involved the use of I.T. The children used tablets and computers to plan, budget for and build their own temples to the goddess Athena and then used interactive software on the tablets to explore the Parthenon galleries. A brilliant hands on, interactive day. Lucky Year 6.

Temple Workshop

Exploring the Parthenon

Using Manipulatives in Mathematics

To help them solve some difficult challenges Year 6 children have been using a range of manipulatives to help. These are items the children can manipulate to help grasp a new concept. As you can see it looked fun.