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Year 2

2017 -2018

Summer Term

A Day at the Seaside

Year 2 enjoyed a fun filled day learning about visiting the seaside through the ages. History Off the Page transformed the school hall to bring history to life. A great experience.

Spring Term

Take One Picture – Dragon Eyes

The children had tremendous fun learning about dragons during the creative Take One Picture week. They made and painted their own dragon eye models.

Autumn Term

A Trip to the Lincolnsfield Centre

Year 2 visited the local Lincolnsfield Centre as part of the topic work focussing on London and the Blitz during World War II. They looked at what life was like for people, especially children, during these events. What an amazing experience.

A Visit from Watford Schools Trust

The children had a wonderful visit from the Watford Schools Trust where they learnt more about the Christmas Story.

Learning about London

Year 2 children are focussing their topic learning on London. They have produced some amazing school work on the subject and some tremendous example of Home Learning.