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Year 1

2018 -2019

Autumn Term

Save the Orangutans !

Year 1 looked at the power of persuasion and protest. They investigated the poor plight of the Orangutans and how the habitat is being destroyed by companies harvesting Palm Oil. They children created their own placards and took to the school to protest their treatment. They even wrote to Nestle.

Trip to Whipsnade Zoo

In Year 1 this term their topic is ‘Where the Wild Things Live’. They arranged an exciting trip to Whipsnade Zoo where the children explored classification. They compare da range of animals from tigers to penguins and used descriptive words to label and sort them into groups.

Boat Making

Year 1 took to the waves by designing and building their own model boats. They had to decide which materials would keep the boat afloat. They then tested them.