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Year 1

Summer Term 2017

Trip to Aldenham Country Park

To help the children develop their knowledge and understanding of their learning and plants and habitats the children visited Aldenham Country Park. They explored the woodland environment, thinking about the features and the creatures who live their and why they are suited to living their. The children also followed a Winnie the Pooh trail around 100-acre wood.

Investigating Halves and Quarters

As part of their maths lessons children in  Year 1 have been investigating Fractions, especially focussing on Halves and Quarters. The children used a variety of wonderful maths equipment to help them.

Spring Term 2017

A Visit to a Playground

Year 1 have been investigating playgrounds and all the different aspects associated with them, especially things to do at them. The children went down to the local playground to investigate their facilities. As you can see they really worked hard with their investigations.

Weaving Workshop

The children in Year 1 were very lucky to have a visitor come into school to teach them all about weaving. The children learnt to weave using a loom and created their own amazing weaving patterns.

A Very Unusual Visitor

Year 1 have been looking at the book “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” by Judith Kerr. They have read the book and carried out some amazing learning. One day they had a very unusual visitor – the Tiger who came to Snack.

Pine 1 Sharing Assembly

Pine 1 shared with the school and their parents examples of their fantastic learning. Amazing work.

Visiting the Victoria and Albert Toy Museum

Year 1 are looking at Toys from the Past as there topic this term. To help them identify and think about toys from the past they visited the V&A Toy Museum. They were able to have hands on experiences with many old fashioned toys and see displays of many others. The pictures of the toys may bring back lots of memories for parents and grandparents.

Autumn Term 2016

Trip to Whipsnade Zoo

Year 1 were lucky enough to visit the fantastic Whipsnade Zoo as part of their Science learning. The children were focussing in on animal classification. They all had a wonderful time exploring the zoo and having a tremendous workshop.

Sorting Animals

The children have been investigating different animals from around the world in Science. They have been looking at the similarities and differences between them to help group and sort them. An introduction to animal classification.