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Our Mission Statement

“Promoting resilience, achieving potential”

Our School Values

At Highwood we value:

  • Our adaptable, resilient, motivated and spirited children who have lively, enquiring minds and an eagerness to learn and achieve.
  • Our strong, committed teams and our collaboration with one another.
  • Our partnerships with the families in our school community and other schools around us.
  • A recognition that we are all life-long learners who are open to new thinking and to developing ourselves and our colleagues.
  • Taking pride in creating and sustaining a stimulating environment and promoting the highest expectations of us all both inside and outside.
  • Recognising and celebrating our own achievements and those of others.
  • Our diverse community – one in which everyone belongs and everyone is respected.
  • Our creative, rich and coherent curriculum which makes learning dynamic, meaningful and relevant for our children.

Our Children’s Values

At Highwood we value:

  • Our exciting, fun lessons
  • Our kind children and teachers
  • Our good manners
  • Our learning and knowledge
  • Our Juniper class where we know there are people who will help us
  • Our classrooms with all the interesting displays and equipment to help us
  • The kind and friendly adults who look after us
  • Our friends who we can play with, talk to and laugh with
  • Our celebrations of success such as sharing assembly
  • Our sportsmanship and teamwork
  • Our good manners and politeness
  • Our resilience when we keep on trying

Our School’s Golden Expectations

  • Respect yourself and be respectful
  • Show kindness to others
  • Always try your best
  • Care for yourself, for others and for your school