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Warhammer Club


Warhammer 40,000 is a table top game designed by Games Workshop.

The children have to build their model pieces (figures, tanks, vehicles, monsters), paint them and then they can use them in the game itself.

The game is based around the future universe, set in the year 40,000, and the children control different units of figures.

They roll dice for amount of movement, measure with tape measures and read charts and tables to work out combats and results. The game is very mathematically based.

We have run some very successful campaigns as part of the club. Each week the children play one mission and score points for their actions. Over the term these points are combined till the final week when a victor is annonuced.

Please have a look at some of the past and present campaigns.



Children enjoying their first experience of a game of Warhammer 40,000.

Campaign League Table – “The Fall of Helios Prime”

Ultramarines Mylan + Jayden 5 104
Iron Hands Jamie + Adisson 5 89
Imperial Fists Drew + Callum 5 70
Space Wolves Richie 5 68
Blood Angels Aaron + Ashleigh 5 59
Crimson Fists Myles + Patrycja 5 47
White Scars Ashley + Elijus 5 44
Dark Angels Shazil + Rudra 5 44
Salamanders Dylan + Bailey 5 43
 Black Templars Cian + Tanush 5 31
Raven Guard Hasan + Alekander 5 29



 Space WolvesRitchie343