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Year 5

2017 -2018

Summer Term

To Boldly Go … to the Royal Greenwich Observatory

To enhance their learning about Space, Year 5 visited the world famous Royal Observatory at Greenwich. They had an amazing time finding out how about space and the planets.

Reach for the Skies

As part of their Science work on Space the children created space rockets. Using air pressure the rockets were then tested.

Spring Term

Take One Picture – Dragon Lairs

The Year 5 children visited Year 6 this morning to gather information about the Year 6 dragons, as they are building the lair for them.  They were able to look at the dragons made out of modroc, ask the Year 6 builders about their dragon and read the Year 6 plans for the dragons. The Year 6 children explained how their dragons lived and what habits the Year 5 children needed to design.

Autumn Term

Gymnastics in P.E.

Working with Mr Willimott in their weekly indoor P.E. lessons the children have been focussing on different balances and travelling.

Year 5 Trip to PGL Marchants Hill

Year 5 had a tremendous time at PGL. They took part in amazing activities, developing their confidence and team building skills. Well done Year 5.

Fun with Kapla Blocks

The Year 5 children who didn’t visit PGL have had tremendous fun investigating the use of Kapla blocks. They have designed and made marble runs, building the tallest towers and the strongest bridges. The children also had fun creating pieces of natural artwork based upon the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Viking Day

Year 5 took part in a fun filled, mystery solving, creative day focussing on Viking Warriors. They investigated and solved a Viking murder and created amazing examples of Viking shields and helmets.