Return to Learning

Year 5

2019 – 2020

Autumn Term


As part of their Science topic on Space, Year 5 children returned to school in the evening to share a fun learning experience. Using technology the children mapped the stars overhead and identified constellations.

Orienteering Around Highwood

Year 5 had a fantastic learning experience during a geography session. They were developing their directional and map reading skills by taking part in a fun orienteering activity using the school grounds.

Robot Workshop

They took part in a fantastic workshop from “Engineering For Kids.” ( The children learnt how to construct a robot, program the robot and then used the robot to take part in a competition against other robots. Tremendous Learning!

Viking Day

To enhance their learning about the Vikings, Year 5 held a fantastic Viking day. They took part in great learning activities like, making traditional Viking bread, making Viking round shields and learning Viking war tactics.

Residential Trip to Phasel’s Wood

The children enjoyed an amazing two day, one night trip to Phasel’s Wood. They took part in lots of different fun activities. They must have been very tired afterwards.