Return to Learning

Year 5

2018 -2019

Spring Term

Rock Up

As part of their topic on Mountains Year 5 travelled to Watford Town centre and visited “Rock Up”, an indoor rock climbing facility. They had a tremendous time and were pushing themselves to succeed.

Autumn Term

5,4,3,2,1 … Blast Off!

Year 5 children have been aiming for the moon. In Science and DT they have investigating the theme of Space. They designed and built their own rockets. Follow the Highwood Twitter feed to see a video of a launch.

Reading with Year 1

Year 5 children have been sharing their love for books and reading skills by sharing a good back with the children in Year 1. Lets all spread the love of books.

Stargazing in Year 5

Year 5 children had the chance to return to school in the evening to partake in a fun filled session of stargazing. To reinforce their fantastic science learning the children could use telescopes and IT equipment to look at the stars and identify constellations. A wonderful experience.

PGL Visit to Marchants Hill

Lots of children in Year 5 took part in a three day residential visit to PGL. They had a fantastic time taking part in many wondrous activities and building their team work skills. Well done Year 5.

Viking Project

The children in Year 5 who did not attend the PGL visit had a wonderful time in school working on a fantastic Viking project. They designed and built longships, baked biscuits in the shape of runes and took part in a tremendous treasure hunt and orienteering exercise. What fun the Vikings had!

Parachute Games

In PSHE the children have been looking at co-operation and working as a team, the parachute games session helps them to communicate with each other and work well as a team, plus it’s amazing fun.

Lava Lamps

In Science Year 5 have been investigating different materials and how they react when put together. Their Lava Lamp experiment proved a huge success.