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Year 4

2018 -2019

Summer Term

Anglo-Saxon Day

Year 4 were visited by the amazing company “History Off the Page” who provided an excellent day of hands on experiences to bring the Anglo-Saxons to life. A very enjoyable and educational experience.

Science – Sound Experiment

As part of their learning about sound and how it works, children in Year 4 investigating the concept of sound waves. They used a variety of drums and watched the impact sound waves have on various items.

Anglo-Saxon Immersive Day

Year 4 children started their topic on the Anglo-Saxons by looking at the relationship between the Saxons and the Romans. They created shields and swords and role played  the stormy relationship. Well done for bringing history to life Year 4.

Spring Term

Pond Dipping

As part of their Science investigations Year 4 children took part in some fun pond dipping in the school pond to investigate the wildlife, especially invertebrates.

World Book Day 2019

Year 4 children took part in a great day of fun and amazing activities to celebrate the fantastic world of books. They all dressed up as their favourite character.

Autumn Term

Canopic Jars

After studying the Ancient Egyptians, Year 4 created their own canopic jars to add to an Egyptian tomb. Lets hope they left out the body parts.

Animal Catching Machines

In their Literacy work on explanatory texts the children in Year 4 have been designing and creating Lesser Spotted Animal Catching Machines. They have built wonderful models of their machines and in their literacy work they will write an explanation of how they work.

Big Family Read

Year 4 love books and reading. The children are working hard to improve their reading skills and wanted to share their love of books. The children invited members of their families to join them in their reading session. As you can see, the love of reading has spread.

Maths Investigations

Mathematics is not just about a page of problems. It can be a fun filled experience. Year 4 children used a variety of maths resources to investigate and solve a variety of problems.

Giant Firework Art

The children were inspired by the theme of Bonfire Night and the story of Guy Fawkes to create their own artwork. Year 4 took the concept of a firework picture to a whole new level by working together to create a giant picture.

Visiting The British Museum

Year 4 visited the iconic British Museum as part of their learning about Ancient Egypt. The children had a wonderful time finding out about the pyramids, sphinx and the mummies. The visit brought history to life as the children could see what they had been learning about.