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Year 4

Summer Term 2017

A Day in the Life of an Anglo-Saxon

History Off the Page visited the Year 4 children as part of their topic on the Anglo-Saxons. The children dressed up and took part in different hands on workshops and activities to find out more about the daily life of an Anglo-Saxon.

Residential Trip to Phasels Wood

Year 4 visited Phasels Wood for a three day residential trip. The children experienced many wonderful activities and had a fantastic time working together and developing new skills. Well done Year 4.

Spring Term 2017

France Day

To celebrate their learning in French with Madame Watson all of Year 4 participated in a fantastic France Day. They celebrated many aspects of the French culture and lifestyle, including the language, fashion design and food. What a great experience.

D.T. – Hot Air Balloons

Year 4 have been investigating Hot Air Balloons as part of their Art and D.T. lessons. The children then started to make their own model hot air balloons using tissue paper and lots of PVA glue. What a tremendous construction job.

World Book Day

As part of the school’s celebrations of World Book Day the children took part in some shared reading with children from another class. A wonderful reading experience.

Hawthorn 4 – reading with Ash

Hazel 4 – reading with Oak

Science – Investigating what Sound is

The children carried out a variety of experiments to determine what sound actually means and how it works.

Year 4 Challenge Cup – Geography

Four lucky children from Year 4 took part in the latest round of the Challenge Cup. This was a geography themed round where the children had to design an island country and elements associated with a country such as a flag. Well done Year 4.

Autumn Term 2016

D.T. Week – Making Canopic Jars

As part of their studies focussing on Ancient Egypt, the children in Year 4 designed and constructed their own canopic jars. These jars would have originally been used to store the organs that were removed from a body during mummification. I hope the children left those parts out!

Trip to the British Museum

The children were lucky enough to visit the British Museum to help enhance their learning in history about the Ancient Egyptians. They explored the different galleries and took part in an exciting workshop.

Speed Stacking Competition

The whole of Year 4 travelled up to Queens School to partake in an exciting speed stacking competition. The children had tremendous fun trying to stack and take down the cups as fast as they can. Well done.

Mathematics Investigation

The children worked together to solve an investigation in addition. They used a variety of resources to add together a large group of numbers. Great tem work and use of strategies.

Drama Presentations in Literacy

Children worked together to write and present a short presentation about teeth, linked to their science topic. They thought about the key elements of making a good presentation before delivering it to the rest of the class.