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Year 3

2018 -2019

Spring Term

Fairy Tale Jars

Children have been looking at fairy tales in their English lessons and have taken that enthusiasm and created wonderful fairy tale dioramas inside large jars. Wonderfully creative and amazing detail to investigate.

Carnival Day

Carnival Day in Year 3 was a wonderful experience. To reinforce their topic work the children learnt about the importance of Carnival to Brazil. The children created beautiful masks and music and held their own parade.


A scoubidou  is a knotting craft, originally aimed at children. It originated in France. As part of there French lessons with Madame Watson the children have been learning the skills of knotting with scoubidous.

Stay and Read

After enjoying a wonderful assembly by Maple 3 the parents and children had a fantastic time with a shared stay and read session. All involved had a great time reading together and sharing their love of a good book.

Autumn Term

Testing the Hardness of a Rock

Year 3 designed their own science investigation into how to test the actual hardness of a variety of rock sample. They thought about the equipment needed, the method to carry out and how to maintain a fair test.

Experiencing a Day in the Stone Age and Iron Age

Year 3 had a wonderful day when they were visited by “Portals to the Past.” They all dressed up as stone age or iron age people and explored what life would have been like in those periods. They were informed, entertained and had the opportunity for hands on sessions. A truly wonderful day.

Investigating Stone Age “Poo”

As part of their wonderful history topic on the Stone Age, the children were finding out about the diets of people living in that time. They investigated this aspect by examining the remains of Stone Age Poo (not real poo!) They used scientific equipment to examine and identify key aspects of the diet.

Starburst Rocks

Children in Year 3 had amazing fun creating some rocks out of sweets. As part of their science work the children squashed together different coloured sweets and then baked them in the oven. They created bizarre rocks after they had cooled.

Place Value in Mathematics

The children have been working hard to develop their understanding of numbers, especially place value. The children are great at manipulating equipment to help solve investigations.

Oliver Jeffers Project

Year 3 focussed on the book “Here We Are” by Oliver Jeffers. They created some amazing work across all areas of the curriculum.