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Year 3

Summer Term 2017

A Visit from the Highwood Chicks

Maple 3 were lucky to receive a visit from the newly hatched Highwood Chicks. The children have followed them from arriving at school as fertilised eggs, through their incubation and now hatched as cute chicks. They really enjoyed handling them and learning about their needs.

Drama in Cedar 3

As part of their wonderful literacy lessons, Cedar 3 have been incorporating drama. The children have made use of our wonderful amphitheatre to perform their amazing presentations.

Year 3 Visit to Verulamium

Year 3 have been learning all about the Ancient Romans and their way of life. To enhance their learning the children visited St. Albans, or as the Romans called it Verulamium. They had a fantastic workshop focussing on the home life before exploring the museum and the local park.

Making Mosaics

As part of their learning in History about the Ancient Romans, children in Year 3 have been looking at mosaics. The Romans covered entire floors in wonderful pictures created by using thousands of small coloured stones. Year 3 designed their own and used tiny squares of coloured paper to create a mosaic.

Gymnastics at Woodside

The children in Year 3 have been going to Woodside Leisure Centre for their indoor P.E. lessons with Mr Willimott. They have been developing their gymnastics skills and producing some amazing balances, travelling sequences and routines.

Spring Term 2017

Making London Sculptures

Using their knowledge of London landmarks, their awesome design skills and their construction techniques Year 3 created some amazing models to represent London features. Can you identify the landmark?

Smoothie Day

This term in D.T. Year 3 were investigating smoothies with the brief to design and create their own healthy smoothie drink.

A Workshop by Innocent

To kick off Year 3 smoothie day the children were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Woollett, who works for Innocent. They taste tested different examples of juices and smoothies.

Making and Tasting

After the workshop the children settled down to prepare all their ingredients and make their own delicious healthy smoothies.

Maple 3

A Visit by Watford Schools Trust

Year 3 were very lucky to be visited by the Watford Schools Trust. They took part in a great R.E. lesson focussing on the miracles and parables of Jesus.

Maths – Using Cuisinaire Rods to solve Equivalent Fractions

The children used some new resources to help identify and compare fractions.

Maths – Investigation Capacity Potions

The children used their knowledge and understanding of capacity to find the solutions to a magical potion investigation.

Maths – Investigating Capacity and Volume

Using a variety of containers and water, the children estimated and then compared the capacities.

Autumn Term 2016

D.T. Week – Making Clay Coil Pots

The children used the traditional method of creating a pot using sausages of clay coiled around a base to construct their pots. This was part of their learning about the Stone and Iron Ages.

Cedar 3 visit the Technology Bus

Cedar 3 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the Technology Bus. This large yellow American school bus was filled with examples of the latest technology available for schools. The children were totally engaged with a fully hands on experience looking at 3D printers and projectors, floor robots, coding and VR headsets. A fantastic experience.

Investigating Permeability in Science

As part of this terms science children in Year 3 investigated the permeability of different rock types. They were testing the ability of a liquid to pass through the rocks. Some great scientific testing.

Year 3 Challenge Cup – Philosophy for Children

A select group of children from Year 3 took part in the latest round of the Challenge Cup. They had to think and justify their choices for the perfect ingredients in a friendship recipe. They did brilliantly and came a fantastic second place. Well done.

Visit to the Chiltern Open Air Museum

The whole of Year 3 visited the Chiltern Open Air Museum as part of the history topic on the Stone Age and Iron Age. They visited an Iron Age hut and experienced what life was like in that period of history.