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Year 3

2017 -2018

Summer Term

Step Back in Time – Visiting Verulamium

To enhance their learning about the Romans, Year 3 visited Verulamium. They explored the hyper caust and the theatre as well as the local museum. The children had an amazing time revisiting the past.

Challenge Cup – I.C.T Writing Algorithms

A team of four Year 3 children took part in a round of the local challenge cup. The children had to design a map of a galaxy and then write an algorithm to guide a rocket from planet to planet. they did an amazing job, finishing second. Well done Highwood.

Roman Mosaics

As part of their history topic on the Romans, Year 3 investigated the skills and patterns of creating a mosaic. Very imaginative creations.

Spring Term

Take One Picture – Investigating and Making Dragon Habitats

Take One Picture – Creating Dragon Scales

Year 3 investigated different media and techniques to create dragon scales.

Take One Picture – Ways to Measure a Dragons Footprint

The children experimented with different ways in which you can measure body parts before measuring a mysterious dragon’s foot print.

Science – Investigating British Wildlife

The children have been focussing on the theme of Animals, including Humans. They have investigated features, habitats and diets of wildlife found in the United Kingdom. As a treat for the many species of birds the children created bird cakes to take home and hang in their own gardens.

Defeating the White Witch with the power of Words

As part of the literacy work the children imagined they had been tasked with creating a magical potion that could defeat the wicked White Witch of Narnia. They investigated frozen objects then worked in groups to focus on different elements required when creating a recipe. As a class the children created a recipe for a magic potion.

Autumn Term

Clay Pots

Children across year 3 created amazing clay pots as part of their art and design work based on their Stone Age topic. They created their pots by coiling sausages of clay around a base before smoothing it out.

Building Stonehenge

As part of their topic on the Stone Age the children investigated the wonderful monument, Stonehenge. They designed their own and built it using jenga blocks.

Stone Age Day

Year 3 have been learning all about the Stone Age period of history in their topic. They were visited by a travelling history company for a day to experience what life was like during the Stone Age with wonderful hands on activities.

Spooky Halloween Poetry

Children in Year 3 collaborated to create some amazing poetry around the theme of Halloween.

Cave Paintings

As part of their learning on the theme of the Stone Age Year 3 experimented with painting in the style of cave paintings. Amazing results.

Science – Properties of Rocks

The children carried out an investigation into the different properties of rocks and sorted them using a Venn Diagram.

European Languages Day

Madame Watson introduced Year 3 to European Languages day. The children explored different languages to find out different welcome greetings.