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Year 2

2018 -2019

Autumn Term

A Royal Letter

Children in Year 2 (now in Year 3) wrote letters of congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan on their Royal Wedding. They were really surprised to receive a letter through the post. It was a thank you letter and photo of the royal couple . What an amazing reply.

A Visit to the Lincolnsfield Centre

As part of their topic ‘London Now and Then’ Year 2 visited the local Lincolnsfield Centre to experience their exhibition entitled ‘Children at War’. The children had a fascinating time discovering what life was like for children during the Second World War.

The Egg Drop Challenge

Children in Year 2 had a smashing time experimenting with eggs. They had to design and make a parachute from various materials to create a soft delicate landing without cracking the egg. Looks like the yolk is on them.